Bodger Bowl – Semifinals!

Hey there Bowl fans… all one of you… ahem.  Let me start over.

Anyway – the semifinals are underway.  Because of Lock and Load, we have two games that are already completed, and Division 1 is set for the finals.  Congratulations to both players!  Division 2 will have one game played tonight, and the other will be played on Monday (because of one of the players being out of town).  Next week is the finals for the Divisions, and then the Bodger Bowl.  I know I am excited!  Current standings are below the fold.


3 responses to “Bodger Bowl – Semifinals!

  1. So not gonna lie, I’m a little scared that I have two Cryx and two Khador armies left to possibly face. Hunters Grim and e2Madrak can’t get here fast enough!!!

  2. Well Seth; the field has narrowed, but the road to the championship is still paved with Khador and Cryx. Good luck in your divisional final man!

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