Bodger Bowl – Coming closer to the playoffs!

The Bodger Bowl updates every week as new games are played.  The current status is here:

Some quick thoughts on this league are below the fold.

This has been exceedingly successful.  We have brought in 3-5 new players in large part because of the league and the revitalization of the play that has occurred.  People are playing lots of different players and factions they may not have played much in the past, and some players have grown in their play immensely in these games.  I will have some more thoughts as a post mortem towards the end of this, but I have been absolutely blown away by how well people have played, and how much excitement this has generated in the community.

Any thoughts from current players in it, or others who have watched it at the shop are greatly appreciated.  You can leave the comments here, or email me/contact me in the shop about it.  Game on everyone, and see you next Wednesday!


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