Battle Report: War Witch Deneghra vs Zavanna Agha, the Old Witch of Khador

So, for my first game in our local game shop’s Bodger Bowl, I was paired against one of our friendly Khador players.  The first week of the league was a little disorganized, so we got to choose lists once we saw our opponent (although, in all subsequent weeks, we must bring two prepared lists).  I chose Deneghra because she is brutal at grinding scary Khador jacks to a halt, between her feat and Crippling Grasp.  In addition, between Parasite, Dark Shroud from Bane Thralls, and Gorman’s Rust, I could get that heavy Khador armor down 7 pts anytime I wanted (-9 on her feat turn).  That means a Slayer can be doing dice +2 to 4 on a Behemoth or Spriggan.  I liked the sound of that.

So my list was:

  • Deneghra
  • 10 x Bane Thralls
  • Bane Thrall UA
  • 6 x Bile Thralls
  • Gorman De Wulfe
  • 2 Slayers
  • 1 Deathripper
  • Skarlock thrall
  • Bane Lord Tartarus

And my opponent was fielding:

  • The Old Witch
  • Scrapjack
  • Behemoth
  • Sylys Wyshnalyrr
  • 6 x Doom Reavers
  • Greylord Escort
  • Great Bears of Gallowswood
  • Fenris
  • Yuri the Axe
  • 1 x Manhunter

We were doing a radial deployment for the scenario Command & Control.  Neither one of us did anything special for deployment, although seeing the Doom Reavers, Yuri, and the Manhunter deploy near the center at 23 inches was no fun.  My opponent went first, and essentially ran everything up the middle of the field, but he did Iron Flesh his Great Bears.   The one big loss was an errant shot from Behemoth, which killed Gorman outright.  Knowing how important my feat would be, I decided to forego the scenario entirely (which is usually not how I play), so I also sent the vast majority of my army forward.  I did run my deathripper to about 7 inches from the Great Bears, and Deneghra missed influence on them before I settled for throwing Crippling Grasp on them.  With the Bears unable to charge or backswing; they were out of the picture.  I could have feated now, but there was a good chunk of the army I would not have caught, so I waited – I thought I had my Banes spread out in a way that the Doom Reavers couldn’t get too many.  Oh, how I was wrong.

Oh his second turn, my opponent charged with his Doom Reavers (damn you spell ward!) and ate quite a few Bane Thralls.  The tough rolls failed me for sure.  Behemoth also took out some with drifting AOEs.  The Great Bears wandered up slowing, as their speed was only a 3 due to Iron Flesh and Crippling Grasp, and they couldn’t run.  The Old Witch considered feating this turn, but she didn’t.  I really think that was a big mistake on the part of my opponent, as I think it would have stopped the advance of my Thralls.  He wanted to save it though.  When turn 2 came to me, Tartarus cursed the Doom Reavers and charged, and only managed to make 1 new Thrall; I so misjudged the distance it wasn’t even funny.  The few Banes I had left also charged Doom Reavers and ran into some good tough rolling, which left 2 Reavers alive.  My two Slayers moved into the control points (by now some Reavers had already killed the Deathripper – that is the price of Crippling Grasp) and I knew Behemoth would get to one for sure.  The Bile Thralls finally got around a forest and a few of them popped to clean up the remaining Doom Reavers and UA.  Deneghra advanced and feated – I was forced to use it mostly defensively as I was falling behind, and it was my opponents turn.

Before I fast forward here and get to what made this game one of the best ones I ever played, I do need to comment on one epic moment in the game.  On my third turn, after Behemoth had beat one of my slayers to a pulp and the other one was running pretty low, I managed to get parasite on Behemoth, and I ran my last Bane Thrall up to him, so he was sitting at armor 16.  This meant my last lowly warjack was doing dice on every hit, and he scrapped Behemoth with 2 focus to spare.  That was a pretty awesome move to pull off.  Other than that, up until the end, it was a pretty typical attrition fest.

In the end, we were down to Deneghra and a Skarlock against the Old Witch and Sylys.  We both scored one point, and in those turns Deneghra landed a Venom on Sylys to kill him, and the Old Witch hit a def 18 Skarlock on a wreck marker to take him out as well.  At this stage, we couldn’t score any more scenario pts (Command & Control is interesting), so it became caster kill, and it was my turn.  The Old Witch was behind her Murder of Crows, so I couldn’t hit her with spells, charge, etc.  Until I realized that Deneghra was spd 7 and could walk just into the cloud.  She did so, and took a few wounds from the pow 8.  Now she had 7 focus against an Iron Fleshed caster at def 18.  I cast Venom (as it ignored the cover from the wreck the Witch was on), boosted, and hit!  I needed 8 damage to finish the Crone, but I only got 7.  I had enough to cast and boost one more venom, but I missed.  So The Old Witch would win… until I remembered that Venom causes ongoing corrosion.

I know had a 66% chance to win on an effect that has mostly seemed like fluff up until now.  My opponent grabbed his die and rolled a 6.  That 1 wound was enough to put the Old Witch in her grave!  I will never speak poorly of corrosion again…

The only thing that made the victory sweeter was that (using the ‘injury’ rules from the league) Yuri and the Great Beats cannot play in his next game, but both Tartarus and Gorman escape unscathed!


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