On War Room


I am sure you have heard of Privateer Press’s upcoming iOS/Android app, War Room.  In a nutshell, it is a deck building/stat tracking app that PiP will be releasing in the near future.  I am a bit torn on this.  I am a long time user of iBodger, which was quite frankly, a fabulously built and maintained utility.  For quite a while, PiP seemed to fully support iBodger, but its developer has discontinued updates in light of the pending release of War Room.  I am not sure if his decision was voluntary, or if PiP instructed him to stop, but it is a shame.  iBodger has been a great utility, with its tier list support, easy list construction, and direct links to Battle College.  Regardless of the reason though (and also, regardless of how much I adore the app), the era of iBodger has come to an end.  It is, even at this early stage, already out of date.

So we look towards the replacement in War Room.  Obviously, I will reserve my completely judgement for when I first use it.  However, I am disappointed with the early pricing numbers:

  • Players will be able to purchase full faction decks for $6.99 that include all currently released stat cards for that faction. In addition, purchased faction decks will be updated with the stat card for each new faction model on the model’s release day.
  • The WARMACHINE bundle will include the decks for all six WARMACHINE factions for $35.99. The HORDES bundle will include the decks for all five HORDES factions for $29.99. The Ultimate bundle includes all decks for both WARMACHINE and HORDES for $59.99.
  • Players who wish to field Mercenaries or Minions in their armies will need to purchase the Mercenary or Minion faction deck.

I do think that $6.99 per faction deck is a little bit steep, but I can live with it.  My biggest complaint is that faction-friendly Mercenaries will require you to purchase the Merc deck.  I think PiP needs to more clearly understand the difference between Mercs as a faction and Mercs as part of other factions.  If I pay the $6.99 to build Khador decks, I feel that any tournament legal Khador deck should be constructible.  However, without the purchase of the Merc deck, this isn’t true.  So really, to build any legal list for one of the Warmachine factions requires an investment of $13.98.  That seems a bit high to me, but that is just my opinion.  It does feel like they are pushing for the up sell here; they definately want players springing for the bundles detailed above.

Hopefully, War Room proves so awesome I cannot resist it.  But, as of now, I am not super excited – mostly due to that price point.



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