Here Comes Stormwall!

So the first Colossal has been slapped on the Privateer Press frontpage, and it already shows a good deal:


Why Stormwall, what big guns you have!

So, here he is; the first Colossal to hit the Iron Kingdoms.  Breaking trend with their recent history of Khador going first (bums me out just a bit), Cygnar gets the first announcement.  It is cool to see the impressive stature of these models, and the extras Stormwall seems to be packing.  What are those little lightning pods?  Will they aid in triangulation for storm calls?  More Chain Lightning?  Only time will tell?

Honestly, $135 is a bit more than I was thinking.  I will have to see the Colossal rules before I can commit to a single model at that price point…

Wonder if it will be out in time to face at Lock & Load; god I hope not!


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