On Kayazy Eliminators


beautiful, but deadly

Having just purchased  two pair of these ladies (the maximum field allowance), I was quite eager to try them out.  The combinations were endless, as there are many Khador casters who could make the Eliminators quite a bit more dangerous than they already are:

-Butcher: With Fury up, these ladies are dishing out 2 pow 14 attacks (with the gang bonus), or a single POW 18.  In additional, on the feat turn those hits all come with an additional damage die.  Sure, Fury lowers their defense, but with an already impressive stat there, they are going to be fine.

Either Irusk: The ability to give the Eliminators Battle Lust is pretty powerful.  Just like Butcher’s feat turn, this means their attacks gain an additional die, which is awesome on their two attacks.

Strakhov: The Eliminators already have stealth, but what Strakhov offers is completely insane charge distances.  On his feat turn, the Eliminators are charging any target from 14 inches away, with side step!  They could feasibly hit an enemy war caster from 16 inches away, or engage one from an amazing 18 inches.  Of course, the issue here is that these ranges exceed Strakhov’s control, but that does mean you can keep the Eliminators safely in the back (away from deviating AOE attacks) until it is time to deliver their payload.

pVlad: While any target is great for Signs and Portents; the Eliminators and their assassination threat love it even more!

eVlad: This is where things get absolutely crazy.  The Eliminators can benefit from Hand of Fate and Transference, and they are absolutely perfect feat targets.  At the best case. you can have 4 models charging 13 inches (+3 SPD from feat), swinging at MAT 12 (+2 from gang bonus, +3 from feat) while adding four dice dropping the lowest (Transference and Hand of Fate), with either 2 POW 14 attacks (+2 from gang bonus, +3 from feat) with 4 dice dropping the lowest, or a single POW 18 attack with 4 dice dropping the lowest.  If you use two attacks, it is possible to hammer a Warcaster/Warlock with a total of 18 boosted POW 14 attacks that likely won’t miss.  Don’t forget side step, which can allow the Eliminators to move out of the way after dishing out their damage.  There is simply no Warcaster/Warlock in the game that can survive those kind of numbers.

It probably comes as no surprised that Epic Vlad was the first combo I tried.  Ironically, I was to play them against the kind of list that worried me the most:  another Khador army with a ton of high armor.  It was the kind of list that would give me fits, if it weren’t for the Eliminators.  I was outmatched the whole game; my Doom Reavers all died, as did most of my Pikemen and my Manhunters.  In the end though, 3 of the 4 Eliminators got off the feated charge… and only 1 got to the target.  This still put a lot of damage on the energy Warcaster (Epic Irusk).  But, the assassination failed…

This brings me to the final point on the Epic Vlad combo – the insane defensive stats he gives the Eliminators.  For that turn, the Eliminators are nigh unkillable in melee – rocking a def 20 there, and a def 18 against ranged attacks.  They are all but impossible to hit. And with ARM 14 that round and 5 wounds, they are largely safe from stray AOEs as well.  What this meant for my opponent was that 3 shocktroopers, 2 bombardiers, Irusk himself, a war dog, and a few other models couldn’t get rid of all 3 Eliminators, and they won me the game on my next round.

All in all, the Eliminators have great stats and an insane threat, for a modest investment of 3 pts each.  I can see the whole new threat dynamic they bring to Khador.  Where your opponents are usually preparing for the deathstar or heavy armor, now they will have to also consider the danger a few high spd, acrobatic models can cause.  I will be hard pressed not to put at least one pair of these ladies in most of my lists…


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