Painting To The People – Intro

This is my first post on my painting progress toward Lock and Load.  A couple things about me.  First, I am not an expert at painting – I understand a lot of the theory behind it, but up until recently I was unable (for a variety of reasons) to get a good start on lots of painting.  Since I have decided to go to Lock and Load and try and compete, it is time to get my painting on.   I figured that I could blog my results for a few reasons.

  1. It would motivate me to keep going, even when it seems overwhelming
  2. It could motivate others to paint as well, which is always good for the hobby
  3. It could show people that their painting isn’t all that bad – the “hey, he can do it, and look how much he sucks!” effect.

So, I will be posting my progress here week by week, with some posts in between as well.  Hope you enjoy it.


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