Bozeman Bodger Bowl 2012 – EO View

As smash noted, we are doing a “football” style league starting next month.  I got the idea from Muse on Minis, and I thought it was great and decided to run with it.  I am the event organizer for the local league, and the rules I have decided to use are below.

The interesting part about this, for me, is this is the first event I will have organized and run since I started playing Warmachine almost two years ago.  When I ran a game store, I organized many events for Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy, as well as Flames of War.  But I haven’t organized an event in over 5 years – I am pretty excited about this, and it should be a ton of fun.

On to the rules!

The Bodger Bowl is a Warmachine/Hordes league that is based on the division system common in many professional sports, such as Football or Baseball.

Everyone will be split, randomly, into divisions.  They will play each other player in their division once, and there will be cross-division games as well (the number of those depends on the number of people playing).

At the end of the regular season, the top 4 players from each league will go to the playoffs, where they will play in elimination bouts in the semi-finals and then the finals.  The winner of the finals from each division will play each other in the Bodger Bowl finale.


The exact prizes are unknown at this time, as it will depend on the number of people playing.  The more people who play, the more prizes we can give out.

However, there will be a grand prize for the winner of the Bodger Bowl.  Depending on the number of people in the league, there may be prizes available for second place and playoff contenders as well.

Additionally, there will be a raffle at the end of the league for additional prizes that everyone will have one entry in for joining the league.

For every model painted during the league, additional raffle entries will be earned.

  • Small Base: 1 entry
  • Medium Base: 2 Entries
  • Large Base: 3 Entries
  • Huge Base: 4 Entries

To qualify, the models must be tournament legal and must be Warmachine or Hordes models.  They must be models that can be fielded by the faction that is being played in the league.

Weekly Games

The weekly game schedule will be posted in advance, starting on the first Wednesday that the games are to be played.  The entire schedule, up to the playoffs, will be posted at this time, so people can know who they will be playing.  The schedule will be made randomly.

If a player cannot make the weekly games (which are all scheduled for Wednesday), it is up to that player to contact the event organizer and their opponent for that week.  They will need to set up an alternate time with their opponent to play their weekly game.  If they do not do this, and their opponent shows up, they forfeit that game.  If neither player shows up for a match, and neither one notifies the event organizer, they will both lose that match as a forfeit (for purposes of their final ranking).

The point level for the week will be posted on the week’s schedule.  The weeks will alternate between 35 points and 50 points, to help give an even playing field for the different styles of play.  All games will be done using the SR 2012 rules.  The league will use the following standard variations on the rules:

  • Casual Time Limits (There will be no maximum time length on the games played)
  • 1 List required, 2 lists allowed
  • Standard Character Restrictions (with some minor modifications, see below)

Additionally, the Warjack and Warbeast bonding rules from the end of the Warmachine and Hordes rule books are in effect.  After a game, the Warbeast and Warjack bonding rolls are made in front of the opponent, and are included in the reporting of the game.


Models or units with a FA:C that are destroyed or removed from play during a game have a chance of being injured.  The player who loses those models or units must roll a command test against their Warlock or Warcaster’s command (ignoring the fearless rule).  On a failure, that model/unit is injured, and cannot play in the next game.  These results will be reported, along with Warbeast and Warjack bonds, as part of the game.  All rolls must be observed by the player’s opponent.

Let me know what you think about these – we have a month to finalize while we get people signed up at the local shop.  Also, if you are in the Bozeman, MT area, or in the Gallatin Valley, we play at Rook’s Comics and Games every Wednesday night – and the league will be going on starting in April, so you should come by.


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