Bozeman Bodger Bowl 2012

So, starting Wednesday, April 4th, our local shop is going to start a pretty cool new league.  Drafted by Sustained Attack’s redmanatee, the Bodger Bowl is a play on the world cup soccer method of playoffs.  Everyone will be split, randomly, into divisions.  They will play each other player in their division once, and there will be cross-division games as well (the number of those depends on the number of people playing).  At the end of the regular season, the top 4 players from each league will go to the playoffs, where they will play in elimination bouts in the semi-finals and then the finals.  The winner of the finals from each division will play each other in the Bodger Bowl finale.

The games will utilize the Steamroller 2012 rules, and switch between 35 and 50 pt games.  The really interesting twist in these games is that, at the end of every game, each destroyed character model has a chance to be ‘injured’ and unable to compete in the next game.  After each game’s end, players will roll command checks on any destroyed models (they can use their warcaster / warlock’s command for this) to see if they soldier through the pain, or if they succumb to injury.  This should give the league an interesting twist and work new models into players’ common lists.

I am looking forward to the league; I will probably be busting out my Khador to use this as preparation for our upcoming Lock and Load tournament.  If you have any questions about how we are running the league, feel free to drop a comment.  And be sure to stop back by for an account of how it unfolds as we go.


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